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Green Hills AGM 2017
Saturday September 9th



The 2017 Maleny District Green Hills Fund Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday 9th September at the Hinterland Business Centre, 38a Coral St, Maleny at 9:00am. All welcome. Morning tea will be provided. 


Proxy forms are to be received at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at 455 North Maleny Road, Maleny QLD, 4552 by 10:00am, Saturday 2nd September. All forms are available via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Nominations for Directors close 10:00am Saturday, 26th August 2017. Nominations are to be sent to the Secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or PO Box 662, Maleny QLD 4552.

Bushcare Roundup


As another busy year on the Precinct draws to an end, the rainforest continues to impress with an excellent growth and survival rate.  Most species have flourished  during the year and this has led the early removal of many of the pink tree guards installed as protectors during their early growth stage.



Our Bushcare team are enjoying these removal sessions as this generally means less hand weeding and more canopy cover as the forest gains its own independence.


The walking track popularity continues to increase with as many as one thousand people a week utilising this great local recreation facility and the newly erected platypus viewing deck is also attracting many locals and tourists alike. This facility is now becoming a regular rest and meeting area as well as providing a great outlook over the Obi Obi and a chance to take in many of the local species which inhabit the area.


Maleny District Green Hills Fund Board and members extends a huge thank you to all the generous volunteers who have given up their time to create this great space in Maleny and we look forward to another rewarding outcome in 2017.


Walking track November 2016








Annual Report 2015-2016



To view the Green Hills Annual Report for 2015-2016 please click on the link below.


Thank you to our Partners









The 2016 Maleny District Green Hills Fund Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday October 1st at the RSL Hall, 1 Bunya St, Maleny at 09:30am.
Nominations for Directors close 10:00am Saturday 17th September 2016. Nominations are to be sent to the Secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or nomination forms available here.

Proxy forms (available here), and can be sent to our PO Box 662 Maleny Qld 4552 by 10:00am Friday 23rd September.



Endangered wetland to receive facelift


The Southern Wetlands located on the Maleny Precinct is one of only two surviving wetlands in the Maleny hinterland district. The wetland is home to several rare and endangered native plant and wildlife species. This unique environmental landmark will soon undergo a long overdue rehabilitation project by local environmental groups and community volunteers.


Environmental areas on the Maleny Community Precinct (MCP) are taking shape with Stage 1, the Community Walking Trail nearing completion. Within the next month we can expect to see interpretive signage and various rubbish disposal bins including doggy bag dispensers throughout the Precinct.


During the past three years Maleny and District Green Hills Fund (MDGHF), the Sunshine Coast Council and a large number of community volunteers have delivered a top class walking trail which meanders through old and new growth forest areas on the MCP for approximately 4.5km.  Feedback has been positive with increasing numbers using the trail and many visitors enjoying the beauty of the MCP


Stage 2 of the MCP Environmental Plan will be the rehabilitation of the vulnerable Southern Wetlands. This area forms part of the environmental aspect of the Community Master Plan for the Maleny precinct as partnership by the SCC and MDGHF in 2011 to protect and preserve this unique wetland.




2015 Bushcare Roundup



2015 has been a very productive Bushcare year. Growth rates of the seedlings on the Precinct has been exceptional and we are already seeing the results through constant monotoring. A large number of fauna has made the new riparian margain home with over 20 new birds nests added in the last quarter of 2015. Richmond Birdwing Butterflies now frequent various sections of the older growth areas, soon the recent addition of 150 Birdswing vines will also bring many more to the region and provide walkers with a pleasent surprise. Earlier in the year two major flood events occured and washed away a number of seedlings, all have been replaced and are doing very well.


2016 will be particiturallty exciting due to the growth rate and canopy development of the new trees. Three monotoring sessions will be included in our Bushcare calender throughout the year to evaluate all aspects of the new growth on the ripirian margain. Keep and eye out for the monotoring results on this webpage.


Green Hills thanks everyone involved in the project for their contribution on the Precinct, and we look forward to another rewarding year delivering this outstanding contribution to the Maleny community and the environment.


Ron Sharp

Project Director




Annual Report 2014-2015



To view the GH Annual Report for 2014-2015 please click on the link below.


Annual Report 2014-2015











The 2015 Maleny District Green Hills Fund Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday Sept 26th at the RSL Hall, 1 Bunya St, Maleny at 09:30am.

Nominations for Directors close 10:00am Saturday 12th September 2015. Nominations are to be sent to the Secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or nomination forms available here.

Proxy forms (available here), and can be sent to our PO Box 662 Maleny Qld 4552 by 10:00am Friday 20th September.


Bushcare Update


June 2015

June bushcare saw 175 plants go in beside the walking track to accommodate the track realignment within the stage 2 area. All plants were watered in and have done well to date. This effort was the final stage of the 15,000 rainforest species planted over the last two years to complete the riparian margin.


July 2015

July was a timely break from all the hard work to date. The group had a casual stroll through the plantings and took the opportunity to inspect all the sculptures recently erected by Edith-Ann Murray and contractor Reece Skodnik. Edith-Ann and Barry Smith from B.S.A Art worked hard in securing the grant to install these works of art on the riparian margin. A big thank you goes to all the local artists who donated their sculptures on the community Precinct.


August 2015

Bushcare was very well attended and was aimed at replacing stock damaged by the recent flood events and upkeep of the riparian margin. This finalises the planting stage of the margin and congratulations goes to all the group and community members who are involved in the project and who delivered a fantastic outcome on the Precinct.




World Environment Day 2015


On June the 5th Green Hills hosted the annual Unitywater corporate creek side tree plant. The day coincided with World Environment Day and proved a huge success with over 300 native rainforest species being planted, plus 100 Richmond Birdwing vines bringing the total to 250 Birdwing vines now  planted on the Precinct. This event has become a regular feature on the Precinct calendar and has been integral in the forming of a strong relationship and commitment to the shared environmental values between Unitywater and Green Hills.


The Event also coincided with the United Nations World Environment Day awards. Later in the evening both groups received the fantastic news that the Unitywater treatment plant had won the prestigious national award for the Best Specific Environmental Initiative, presented in Melbourne by the United Nations.


Executive Manager of Unitywater, Simon Taylor, was jubilant when receiving the news and praised the community and Green Hills by declaring that 'Unitywater shares this impressive award with the wonderful local community and the Maleny and District Green Hills Fund, who have partnered with us on this initiative.'


The Unitywater facility uses a membrane bioreactor to treat effluent before sending it to the irrigated wetland and rainforest on the community precinct.




  Bushcare dates for 2015

Always on a Sunday!

Sept 20th
October 18th
November 15th
December 13th


Find directions here.

Membership matters

If the subscription of a member shall remain unpaid for a period of two calendar months after it becomes due then the member may, after notice of the default shall have been sent to it by the secretary or any other officer of the association, be debarred by resolution of the directors from all privileges of membership and its name may be removed by the directors from the register of members provided that the directors may reinstate the member and restore its name to the register on payment of all arrears if the directors think fit to do so.

April Update



Green Hills in conjunction with the Sunshine Coast Council were busy mounting a number of Bird Boxes in the riparian margins last month.  An assortment of large and small types have been installed on some of the existing larger native trees. Most of the boxes will be visible from the walking track (which will be finished within the next couple of months). So keep an eye out for activity over the coming seasons and please pass on any interesting sightings to Green Hills, if you can. These new homes will provide nesting and shelter for many species in the vicinity as well as providing an enhanced experience whilst strolling along the walking track. Will post any unusual sightings on site as they present. 

Thank you to all the volunteers involved and the Sunshine Coast University environmental student, Jordan Lines and the SCC Environmental Operations for their assistance.


Ron Sharp

Update January 15


December has been a busy time with the last of the seedlings finding a home on the precinct riparian margin.  Some small areas have been left due to the walking track construction and as soon as the track goes in, the rest will be planted. Board member, Edith Ann Murray, has secured a small grant to place a number of rock carvings on the walking trail.  This will give the site an artistic dimension and add to the future beauty throughout the precinct.  These carvings are being donated by various artists in our community and Green Hills extends a huge thank you to all involved.


Australia Day at the Maleny Showgrounds  Monday January 26

Green Hills will be present from 07:30am with a marquee and information booth. All are welcome to drop in for a chat or cooldrink. Anyone wishing to assist will be appreciated. Please call and let me know if you are able to attend the booth for an hour or two on the day (0400 928 656).


Many thanks to all our volunteers and bush care group throughout 2014 and hope to catch you all soon.


Ron Sharp

Project Manager

Walking Tracks on the Precinct

Please have your say in this important community consultation. The greater the public support for the walking tracks in Maleny Community Precinct, the sooner they are likely to be constructed.
For many people, walking is their number one fitness activity.

The Council is holding a community engagement event on Saturday, 6th December from 10am to 2pm outside IGA. More information can be found here.




Maleny Community Precinct Update


As the second stage of the rainforest revegetation project nears an end, we are now preparing for the final stage.  The area is the last link in the sea of pink down on the precinct.  Approximately 30 non-native tree species have been removed over the last week in preparation for ground works. This site is to be the start of the walking track from the Riverside Centre and will join up with the original Stage 2- approximately a 350 metre stretch heading southerly through the tree plant site. Some non-native species of considerable size (mainly Camphor Laurels) have been left standing temporarily in the final stage. These are contributing to the creek bank stability, as the new planted species grow and take hold of the sub structure, gradual removal of the non-native species will be implemented.


Bushcare Group Sunday 19 October 14

Many thanks to all those who attended on Sunday morning.  The removal of the tree guards represented the second growth phase has been achieved.  All the tree guards removed have been reused on Stage 2. Only one more Bushcare Meet this year, so we hope to see you all soon and catch up on all the goss.

Exciting News

During the week, Maleny District Green Hills Fund entered into a partnership with the Sunshine Coast Council to revegetate the Southern Wetlands. This area is a palustrine wetlands and is an ‘of concern’ regional ecosystem. This is great news for the community as this wetland area, when revegetated and restored, will provide a suitable habitat for a range of aquatic species as well as water birds, turtles and a host of other flora and fauna that will exist between the creekside rainforest and the wetlands. A three stage planting scheme will be employed over time to give full protection and habitat in the wetland area. The planting scheme will address the littoral edge(or water edge area), a surrounding rainforest belt and a grassed area acting as a sediment and nutrient filter. Green Hills and the SCC will utilise the Green Army to assist in planting and weed control. Funds from the SCC and local grants will be used to finance the project. Presently a boundary fence is being erected to keep livestock out of the wetlands area. Early site preparations are under way, so all going well major site works and planting should start early 2015. Will keep you all updated regularly.

Ron Sharp

Bon Appetit!

Just another morning tea for our Bushcare volunteers...

Join us for the next one!


Community Precinct Project Update

Ron Sharp

Project manager

Great news for the project. On top of the September 21 Community Tree Plant, we have secured 30 students from the East Coast TAFE at Nambour over a two week period for a hands-on and environmental training as part of their Horticultural and Environmental studies. 

The students will receive guidance in areas such as rainforest design and management as well as planting and on-ground technique.

This is a welcome bonus as it will also contribute to the planting of approximately 2500 plants, a huge boost for the site. It will assist in pushing the project along and keep it on track for a December finish. Not to mention the valuable experience the students will receive and assist in their studies.

Another snippet of good news is that the walking track. Initially the walking track was to follow the perimeter of the riparian margin, but through recent negotiations by Green Hills, the track will now meander in and out of the rainforest area thus giving shade and a great visual experience for users.

During the visit by the TAFE students, Lake Baroon Catchment Care has been involved by giving valuable assistance by supplying 2 staff and equipment over the 4 day period. LBCC has been a solid supporter of the project and many thanks goes to the group for their ongoing assistance and involvement with Green Hills



Community Tree Plant 2014

Project Manager’s Report

Another milestone has been reached with the second stage of the Community Precinct Tree Plant receiving approximately 2,700 rainforest seedlings on Sunday.  A huge thank you goes out to the 86 dedicated volunteers who generously gave up their Sunday morning to be part of this community experience. Also a special thank you is due to the 8 volunteers who toiled on Saturday to prepare the site for the successful planting. A special highlight was the large presence of families.  All of the kids thoroughly enjoyed their planting and playing amongst the toiling volunteers. We would love to see this trend continue.


The day progressed well and the majority of the plants were in by 11.30. The young ones made the most of the goodies at morning tea, whilst the rest of us enjoyed the barbecue and snacks.


With only the tree guards to be finished off a cluster of dark clouds loomed ominously and soon dumped approx 6mm of rain on the plant site. ‘Liquid gold’ was the term used by one vollie. Since then about 17mm of rain has fallen on the site giving the new inhabitants a welcoming drink and a great start in their new home.


Check out all of the pics on the website by going to ‘Links’, then to ‘Green Hills Photo library’.  It’s a great photo site.  Meanwhile Stage 3 and the proposed walking track will be underway shortly.  So keep tuned and keep fingers crossed all will proceed without any hiccups.


Many thanks again from Green Hills to all involved and we look forward to your continued support.


Ron Sharp



You can find Steve Swayne’s Flickr album here:




What’s Happening at Green Hills: An update by Project Manager, Ron Sharp


Green Hills would like to thank all of our supporters for their involvement with recent issues revolving around our Grant sites and our commitments within these areas. Current negotiations with Council and other stakeholders are in progress. Whilst we are seeking positive outcomes for all areas, planting of the Grant site will continue, as it is our aim to meet all deadlines and commitments stated within our contractual obligations. 

The scheduled Sunday 21st of September Community Tree Plant is still on and we are looking forward to another great day where our community involvement and passion for the environment come together.


Regular updates on current and upcoming projects will be displayed on this site, as we endeavour to keep everyone fully informed on issues relating to the Precinct area and other projects.


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